DEAR MILER‭ ‬is a New York‭, ‬TriBeCa based brand that focuses on elevated travel leisure wear with detailed elements‭. ‬Inspired by TriBeCa's‭ ‬industrial modern fine lines with its relaxed and calm ambiance the neighborhood portrays as the motif‭, ‬DEAR MILER‭ ‬is for commuters and travelers around the world‭. ‬Designed in minimal classic modern silhouettes that are essential to the everyday city life‭, ‬along with blocking and detail elements throughout‭, ‬the brand satisfies the balance between business and leisure‭ ‬travelers around the world by providing ideal clothes that are‭ "New York City Chic".

Our Team

Our team strives to provide high-quality clothes that you deserve and that's why we were strict on selecting our factory teams‭.‬‭ ‬Our clothes are produced based on pattern makers‭, ‬fabric‭ & ‬sewing factories that have been in the fashion industry for over 30‭ ‬years‭. Our team has a strong trusting relationship with the factories‭. ‬

The factories that have connections with us are not subject to child labor‭, ‬or unfair treatment‭. ‬They have also been working as‭ ‬a team for a long time with a good‭, ‬safe‭, ‬healthy environment and pride with their working ethic‭.‬

Our Quality

We want you to wear our pieces that last long while providing you comfort‭. ‬That's why we use high-quality fabrics such as Organic Cotton‭, ‬Supima Cotton‭, ‬Cupro‭, ‬etc for our fair-trade clothing‭. 



Organic Cotton is grown from organic seeds without harmful chemicals‭. ‬Our fabric is 100%‭ ‬organic‭, ‬soft‭, ‬breathable‭, ‬lightweight‭ ‬and eco-friendly‭. ‬Organic Cotton is hypoallergenic‭, ‬so customers with sensitive skin can wear our clothes with ease‭.‬





Supima is twice as strong as regular cotton‭, ‬which helps our clothes keep in shape without‭ ‬over-stretching‭. ‬The softness of Supima Cotton comes from the extra-long staple fibers which‭ ‬also helps the fabric from pilling‭. ‬Supima's finer fibers absorb dyes better‭, ‬which holds the‭ ‬color for a long time even after washes‭.




Our products made of high-quality Japanese wool fabric are soft‭, ‬light-weight‭, ‬and creates less fluff‭. ‬This Japanese wool is excellent for the Fall/Winter season because it is thin but warm‭, ‬and light to the body to keep you comfortable all day long‭.‬