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We are pleased to dispel the concerns with sustainable products and introducing eco-friendly travel-leisure pieces that satisfy our consumers’ needs!







Our fabric is made of recycled Polyester and cotton, which increase soft-touch and cozy hand feel. We used bio-washing technology to remove fine hairs and relieve shrinkage through tumble drying the technology that is embodied in our shirring design. 
Our recycled fabric is a material that has obtained the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification. ACEPORA-ECO PE is an eco-friendly polyester manufactured from discarded plastic (PET) bottles, and the manufacturing process more energy and reduces CO2 emissions.

NATULON® Mechanically Recycled are made from recycled materials such as PET bottles using Mechanical Recycling technologies. The yarn used in the tape of NATULON® Mechanically Recycled zipper is made from 99% post-consumer recycled material.